How it works Our Plus Card

Debit cards are no longer satisfied with their simple functions. They can be controlled without a banker, linked to a smartphone application, and, sometimes, as is the case with Our Plus Card, join an individual RIB or IBAN. In short, with these transfers now possible, Our Plus Card becomes a real bank account without a bank, but with a debit card. For 199 €, you get a card Carte de débit rechargeabledebit card that you can pay and withdraw from anywhere, just like any debit card. But the difference is that this debit card is not linked to your current bank account. It therefore guarantees you independence, allows you to travel serenely, without the risk of seeing your account emptied in the event of theft of a debit card, and without the possibility of overdrafting. In short, Our Plus Card, it's your digital liquid.

In principle, a prepaid card looks like another. You top up your debit card by whatever means you choose, and you can use the amounts stored whenever and wherever you want. A plus for money management, especially when you have children. What better way to secure the pocket money of our teenagers and teach them management than a debit card with no possible overdraft? Another advantage is that if you lose or have this card stolen, you will only lose what is on it, and not all the information and funds relating to your regular bank account. Two separate management for more security.


Our Plus Card and its advantages

So much for the basis of a prepaid card. And Our Plus Card honors this operation. But she does even more. Very slowly, with its mobile app and its attached IBAN, Our Plus Card migrates to the neo-bank. The difference is huge. Not only can you top up by conventional means, you can also top up by bank transfer. Nothing prevents you from receiving vyour expense reports, your social benefits or even your salary sure Our Plus Card. Register your credit card on Paypal, and transfer your winnings from sales or games directly, without having to go through your classic account. A must, in terms of discretion vis-à-vis its banker. In sum Our Plus Card becomes neither more nor less than a current account, provided with a credit card and basic services, such as transfers and direct debits, for example.

If you want to top up your credit card, you therefore have three possibilities:

  • You make a transfer, from any account, since you have an IBAN;
  • You can also deposit cash, as it exists with other cards with recharge via liquid. Except that here, Our Plus Card innovated. No need to go to the tobacco shop, any bank machine will do. You leave your cash at the bank counter, and give the operator your card number. And all he has to do is credit your card with the amount deposited ... Plus his fees. Warning. Some banks may refuse to complete the transaction, or, at worst, actually charge the fee, independent of the card fee;
  • You buy coupons, Ukash, Néocode or Néosurf type in tobacconists, and you enter the coupon code. Your card is credited and ready to use.

To finish on the advantages of Our Plus Card, note that you also have the option of transferring money instantly. But only to another owner of Our Partner Card.


The different offers

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • VIP
Loading ceiling
  • Basic : 2500 € / month
  • Classic : € 15,000 / month
  • VIP : 50,000 € / month
Withdrawal limit
  • 1000 € per day
Payment limit
  • 1000 € per year for the Basic offer
  • Without ceiling for the other 2 offers
Maximum balance
  • Basic : 2500 €
  • Classic : 25 000€
  • VIP : Unlimited


Revolutionary !
A dedicated IBAN for everyone
Each holder of our card has a dedicated IBAN


Our Carte Plus is the 1st card in the world to offer you 2 IBAN / RIB of your choice:
in the United Kingdom or in France.


How does our prepaid card work?


Take advantage of the speed and efficiency of the SEPA system in Europe for your bank transfers to and from your prepaid card.
THE IBAN OPTION is INCLUDED AND FREE for all holders of this card, without conditions.

Major innovation in the prepaid world: This prepaid card Mastercard © offers each bearer a dedicated and unique IBAN. TheIBAN dedicated is a new feature that completes the range of basic and simple banking services attached to your card.

Without a complex subscription process, each cardholder has their own IBAN. Receive credit transfers faster and directly to your card. Send transfers from your card using your IBAN.


A French RIB or a RIB in the United Kingdom?

With Our Plus Card you are free to choose the RIB that suits you.


By default your RIB is in the United Kingdom. When registering, tick the RIB FR box to receive a card Veritas with a RIB starting with FR (France). Be careful, this choice is irreversible. Once your card has been ordered, you can no longer change bank details.


What is an IBAN?

An IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. The equivalent of the RIB in France. An IBAN includes all the necessary information that facilitates the transfer to send and receive your money safely and quickly. This information includes the identification of a bank, the branch number and an account number.

An IBAN facilitates the automated processing of payments between different countries. An IBAN allows direct debit. Now an IBAN is included with your prepaid card Mastercard ©.


What is an IBAN with my prepaid card for?

Domiciling your income and financial receipts: Some providers only accept sending money to a bank account with an IBAN. Now with your dedicated prepaid IBAN you get your money easily.

For example, receive all or part of your salary directly by communicating your unique IBAN to your employer.
For example, save your IBAN in your Paypal, Stripe, Hipay or similar account, and top up your prepaid bank card.

Direct debit and Pay by direct debit: Some providers only accept payment by direct debit.

For example now with the dedicated IBAN you can subscribe to insurance services or energy supplier accepting only payment by transfer or direct debit.

Automate your incoming and outgoing payments across the entire Europe zone directly from your prepaid card

All of our customers can now set up recurring payments directly from their prepaid bank account.


Limits according to the Offers








Card holder Major Natural Person Major Natural Person Company Major Natural Person Company
Maximum card limit 150 € € 10,000 Passage BASIC> CLASSIC Booking fees: € 8 € 25,000 CLASSIC> VIP passage Administrative fees: € 50
Maximum withdrawal authorized in * ATMs 50 € 1.000 € 1.000 €
Monthly Top-Up Authorized Maximum 150 € 25.000 € Unlimited
Acceptance conditions Personal informations Personal information Copy Identity document Copy of proof of address Company: RCS extract and copy of manager's identity document Personal information Certified copy Identity document Certified copy of proof of address Company: RCS extract and copy of identity document Personalization Card in
Free option Personalized relief map Personalized relief map Personalized relief map
Monthly Fee NO NO NO
Duration of use of the card physical 36 months 36 months 36 months



Creation and issuance costs
Main card Basic: 99 €
Classic: 150 €
VIP / 250 €
Because it's not all about the money, we donate 2 euros the price of the card to children's charities.
Annual fees
Main card 29.90 €
Monthly management fees
Delivery costs (including production and shipping of the card)
Main card FREE
Partner card
(max. 2 cards per main card)
Monthly management fees FREE
Customization of the map
Add an additional first and last name, pseudonym or company name appearing on the card
Withdrawal fee
Purchases from merchants and websites in France FREE
Withdrawing money from an ATM
(in euros SEPA)
2.50 €
Exchange fee 1.99%
Real-time card money transfer FREE
Certain merchants and ATM owners may apply an additional commission beyond our control. Please inquire before making your transactions. Exchange fees of 1.99% are applied for currencies other than Euro.
Loading costs
Bank transfer
(separate fees varying depending on the financial institution)
2.49% (5 € min)
Cash deposit
(separate fees varying according to the intermediary)
Transfer fee
From account to card
(Incoming SEPA transfer)
2.49% (5 € min)
Veritas Card to Card - Outbound Transfer FREE
Veritas Card to Card - Inbound Transfer FREE
* All additional costs and optional services are stipulated in the general conditions.


The rates



  •  Once only



  •  Once only



  •  Once only